Frequently Asked Questions

What is currencylayer?
Who runs the currencylayer API?
Data & Sources
How accurate is currencylayer forex data, and where does it come from?
How often are exchange rates refreshed?
Which currency data does the API provide?
Which currencies and precious metals are supported by the API?
At which time are historical exchange rates made available?
Does the API support Bitcoin (BTC)?
API Access & Features
How do I get an API Access Key?
What is an API Request?
What happens if I exceed my API Request volume?
What is the API's uptime?
Can I change the currency to which all exchange rates are relative to? (Source Currency)
Can I limit the number of output currencies?
Can I request exchange rates for a specified time-frame?
Can I request a currency's change parameters over a certain period?
Plans, Pricing & Payment
What is the difference between Free and Paid Subscriptions?
Which Subscription Plan fits my needs?
Which payment methods are supported?
Can I also pay yearly?
How can I change my payment frequency?

Any more questions?